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EXTRA No One Is Safe Tee (available in any color) - blacknugly
EXTRA No One Is Safe Tee (available in any color) - blacknugly
EXTRA No One Is Safe Tee (available in any color) - blacknugly

EXTRA No One Is Safe Tee (available in any color)

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Handmade, Custom Tee. Please select size and color.

If you'd like a color not listed please order correct size and any color and specify the color you really want in the notes, we will contact you to confirm.

NO ONE IS SAFE. Unfortunately this is not a new headline. Though the article may be old, the photo of black faces face down has become a norm. This article originally written by the Black Panther Party in the 60s, before mass publication emphasizes the notion that not much as changed when it comes to police brutality. That being said this specific design, as with all my designs hold a particular place in my heart. The article is dated July 4th, 2018 because that’s the day I edited it. I wanted to emphasize it could’ve been an article from today with what’s occurring. The camo border represents the racial war, while the placement of the definition of the word “safe” emphasizes what it literally means and how we are nowhere near “safe” in this nation. The red X (target mark) is placed on one of the seven men who lay dead on the floor. The subtitle reads “Police Brutality is Rampant in Every Negro Community” ... “THIS IS AMERICA” (article literally says this, history definitely repeats itself). 

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