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black n ugly... "it's everything you think its not"



I saw this hoodie on the site but wanted it in a different color. I messaged Rifa on IG to ask about getting it custom made. Not only did she create the new version for me but literally hand-delivered it to my apartment. I swear you can't get customer service like this anymore. My dad loved my hoodie so much that I bought a matching one for him for Christmas.

Lindsey Foster


As a History teacher, not only is this my favorite shirt by default, but for the amount of head turns and compliments I get when wearing it! I ordered this shirt in a Medium and it doesn't fit baggy or too right. I ordered this shirt in white and it literally goes with whatever sneakers I decide to wear. I especially like wearing my shirt during Black History Month because it carries more weight and holds more meaning, but I've worn it plenty of days outside of February and get the same reaction from each and every passerby! Will be purchasing from BU in the future!!

Ariel Bishop


This has been one of my main coats for years and I get a compliment on it at leastttt every other day. It's almost impossible for me to leave my house without it getting a compliment. And it attracts suchhh a diverse range of people. It's such a beautiful boost to be complimented almost every single day. I swear the jacket spreads joy.


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